Who Else Wants to Learn How to Get a Job Like a PRO?

Let us try and explode the myth that is finding a job.Employers, employment agencies, jobs online show opportunities are increasing. With an increase in local jobs, warehouse jobs and professional jobs, chances are you will soon be in demand.Let me say that approximately 75% of employees are listening to the job market and would move if the right opportunity arises. This means there could be a lot of competition for your next job.If you are unlucky enough to find yourself in the unenviable position of being unemployed first off, get rid of the negative emotions like why me! Get rid of the resentment, get rid of the anger! And start reading!Research and RealisationHow far will you travel for a new job, be realistic!What skills can you offer? By looking at the Job sites on the internet, Looking at the adverts in local and major newspapers will give you a lot of information, Start making a list of the local companies you will like to work for, or a list of companies within a 35km radius of your home. Your local Chamber of Commerce is a good source for finding local companies.You should make a contact sheet to record all your applications with these details on.Name of employer
Telephone number
Where you found out about the job which job sites, which newspapers?
Date application sent / telephoned
What the job is
Any comments on the job
Interview appointments
Who you meet
Comments on the interview
What was discussed?
Any further action required (telephone follow-up etc.)Golden RuleThe more job applications you send the more chances you will have of obtaining interviews. The more interviews you will have, the more job offers you will get!

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