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The Importance of Paint Manufacturers

For many years, paint was made by hand using small tools such as a stone pestle and mortar. Pigments from natural products including charcoal, blood, and berry juice were ground up and mixed with oil, egg and other mediums to create paint.Paint has become such a widely used product, that huge quantities are now manufactured by machine in factories. Different types of shades are made up for different uses, such as household, industrial, floor paint for vehicle and more. However, although these kinds of paint are made in bulk by machine, they are still made with a high level of care and attention, ensuring that the paints are of good quality. Paint manufacturers mix both natural and synthetic pigments with resins and solvents. These pigments are now ground up in huge quantities using a sand mill machine, to create a fine powder. This powdered pigment is then mixed with the exact measurement and type of solvent or resin to create a paste.There are many different types available on the market today such as mixtures and textures for artists, such as oil, acrylic, watercolours and gouache. These paints are usually made in smaller quantities and packaged in small tubes or blocks for convenience and easy use. Paint for household use, such as wall paint and furniture paint is sold in DIY stores and even supermarkets, usually in a range of sizes of tubs. These paints are easy and simple for anyone to use, and can be applied with either brushes or rollers. More industrial paint is not so easily available for purchase, as it often requires some skill, and specific tools for application. Some paints contain harmful substances which can be dangerous if not used properly and responsibly.When creating these substances which are used for artistic rather than practical purposes, the main focus for paint manufacturing is to create good quality colour and a nice finish. However, some paints need to be more hardwearing than others, for example, vehicle paint, industrial paint and floor paint.Paint manufacturers have to design a paint which will be very hardwearing, scratch resistant, waterproof, but which also maintains a high quality of colour. The paint which is used on vehicles is applied with a spray mechanism, to ensure a completely even and smooth coverage of paint, so it is very important that the substance is made with the correct proportions of ingredients.